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    All About Backgammon — Backgammon

    The Rules

    Start the game with each player rolling one die. If both players roll the same number, then roll again. The high roller is the first to make a move by combining each player’s die. For example, if one player rolled a 6 and the other rolled a 2, then the player who rolled the 6 would go first using the 6 and 2 as their roll.

    Make sure to roll the dice on one side of the entire game so if one player is rolling in the home-board side they will continue to roll on that side throughout the entire game while the other player rolls in the outer-board side throughout the entire game.

    You may split the moves between two checkers based on the number on each individual die. For example, if you roll a one and a five, you can move one checker one space and another checker five spaces. You can also move the same checker twice as long as neither move lands on a blocked point.

    A point is blocked if your opponent has two or more checkers on that point. You are allowed to land on a point where the opponent only has one checker. By doing this, you bump their top checker to the bar, and they have to roll in order to bring their checker back into the game. You must roll a number of an open point to come back in the game.

    A special move in the basic backgammon rules is called, "doubles". If a player rolls doubles, (e.g. two and two) you are able to move one checker two spaces time four, or move four checkers two spaces, making it double your move. Once all of a player’s checkers are in their home quadrant, they can begin bearing them off. The winder is the first player to "bear off" all their checkers off the board.