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    Erica Anenberg, the founder of Backgammon Baby is best known for her designs.  From jewelry and handbags to stained glass windows for LA's Kabbalah Center Synagogue to the 16-foot ice bar for the Oscars and intimate glass keepsakes for the Emmys, she is a true multimedia artist. 

    With a dangerously sexy yet classically innocent design aesthetic, Anenberg’s inimitable style is unique, edgy, and versatile. Her work has garnered acclaim from fashion and pop culture media such as Marie Claire, People Magazine, and Fine Jewelry News.

    "My designs tell stories the same way fashion reflects individuality," says Anenberg. "When I couldn't find any boards that I liked to play on I knew I had to design some myself.  Backgammon Baby is the ultimate expression of my creativity and love of the game."

    After graduating from California State University (Northridge) with a degree in photography, Erica studied glass at Pilchuck in Seattle and jewelry design at Otis Parsons College of Art and Design.

    Erica Anenberg is available for custom designs. Contact us for more information at custom@backgammonbaby.com