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    Backgammon Baby is on a mission. We’re striving to bring back that old-school feel of the live connection between people as they strategize through the world’s oldest board game. A wickedly fun game that transcends gender, race, and socioeconomic group. Long before we were inundated with hundreds of television channels and streaming services, we played outside and in cul-de-sacs even after the sun went down. Families grabbed their backgammon set to play a few rounds before bed and adults gathered for backgammon parties.

    Today, all of us are so consumed by our electronic devices we forget how great it feels to talk and play live, to simply connect with each other. However, at Backgammon Baby we are doing our best to bring back those connections by creating the most unique sets for your home and travel.

    Our boards are made with a cushioned playing field, stitched points, and soft vegan colorful leather. Each set is adorned with chrome buckles, resin made checkers, solid dice for fair roles and our signature logo plate.

    While this fun and strategic game goes back nearly 5000 years, we guarantee you haven’t really played until you’ve rolled on a Backgammon Baby set - where fashion meets fun for a real connection.